The Foundry Nuke 6.3v7 is Now Available

Nuke 6.3v7 update is free to customers on current maintenance.
Great new additions include:

  • Improved Photoshop® layered PSD reading
    • Access to layers in 16bit PSDs
    • Automatic layer / node-graph conversion via metadata embed
  • New industry standard colour management via OpenColorIO
    • Compatibility between The Foundry products: MARI, KATANA and HIERO
    • Compatibility between industry standard products: Silhouette and more
  • New UDIM functionality
    • Improving interoperability with MARI, in particular via the NUKE<>MARI bridge
  • Extended RenderMan® integration for greater control – NUKEX only
    • Inject and manipulate RIB files and statements

The Foundry Nuke



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